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woman stretching on a mat

Private Sessions

Private Personal Training is ideal for beginners and individuals with special needs.

$50  2-3 sessions per week

Group Training Outdoors

Small Group Classes

Train with a buddy or two for more fun and greater savings.

$25  3 sessions per week

$30  2 sessions per week
$40  1 session per week

SilverSneakers Calhoun GA

SilverSneakers Classes

SilverSneakers classes at Firehouse Gym, are free with many insurances plans. 

$3.00 per class without insurance.

woman with healthy groceries in brown paper bag

Supermarket Tour


Fitness Begins at The Grocery Store, with our a 90-minute educational supermarket tour.

$60 for one client, $45 for two

All Personal Training and Weight Loss Packages are prepaid the first of each month for two or three weekly sessions per week to qualify for free Body Fat Assessments. 

Clients purchasing monthly Personal Training Packages are expected to conclude the training within the frame time of package with two weeks grace for illness or unexpected events. No personal training package will be carried into the next month and opportunities will be given to reschedule sessions before the end of the month.


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