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Home Fitness 
Exercise At Home & Stay Fit For Life!

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Home Fitness

I will help you implement strength, cardio, and flexibility conditioning as well as nutrition guidance, coaching and support within the privacy of your home or apartment/condo gym.

$60  2-3 sessions per week

*** All Home Fitness Training Packages include an initial BodyStat Assessment to measure your body fat, lean muscle, and hydration, and periodically testing afterward is free of charge.

Personal Training Packages also include two weeks of DietMaster, a dietitian-designed meal plan to help you stay on track with the healthy and portion-controlled diet that you choose.

Clients purchasing monthly Personal Training Packages are expected to conclude the training within the frame time of the package with two weeks grace for illness or unexpected events. No personal training package will be carried into the next month and opportunities will be given to reschedule sessions before the end of the month.


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