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Make 2017 A Happy & Fit Year

The Christmas decorations are packed, everything is returning back to normal and the New Year's resolutions for a slimmer fitter body is in most people's agendas. Soon the gyms will be packed and the diet industry will once flourish...

Year, after year I see people signing up at Firehouse Gym and after s couple of months we're back with the same regular members who workout winters, summers and holidays. These are the people who exercise to stay healthy and fit for life not just a season or event.

Our bodies are magnificently designed to grow and thrive with activity and to slow down and deteriorate with inactivity. And it is a trully remarkable to see older adults improve their strength and flexibility at our SilverSneakers class after a few weeks and those who exercise for years are in similar fitness as some of my personal training clients!

Let's make 2017 the year we take charge of our lives by practicing gratefulness, setting realistic goals and by staying connected with others who inspire and motivate us to stay on the Healthy Fit Road!

Happy New Year Y'all ;-)

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