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Celebrating my clients who transformed their lives by believing in their dreams! 



I'm Too Young to Have High Blood Pressure

This was my first year in Middle School. And even though I always felt like I was a little overweight, the Summer of 2008, was when I gained most of my weight, actually, from August 2008, until February 2009, I gained over 30 pounds. The more I ate, the worse I felt so I ate even more because I felt so bad which made my problem even worse. Every day at school people made fun of me and someone was always calling me a "fat kid", so I will wear my Northface jacket to school zipped up to my neck the whole day because I was trying to hide my weight. It was hard for me to do activities with my friends in the neighborhood because I could not keep up with them. I was happy to play video games or be on the computer. I have always played sports, but I don't play any sports in the winter, so I didn't get many exercises.


It was February 2009, that I had to go for my annual physical. When the nurse took my blood pressure she told me that is was very high. I know part of it was because I was nervous, but I know part of it was from being overweight. I was 11 years old boys this age should not have high blood pressure problems, that is for the old people.  When I saw the Doctor things got worst.  After he examined me and I told him that I had some concerns about my body, he looked at me and said "of course it’s because you are fat" and walked away. That made me so mad that I told my mother I was never going back to that doctor. When he came back he handed me a printout of my growth chart with my BMI and he told me that my current weight was of a 21 year old man not a boy of 11. That scared me very much and opened up my eyes to the real danger of my weight problem.


It was at the same time that my mom saw an article in the newspaper about the "My Slim Valentine" that Katherina Colston, a personal trainer at Firehouse gym was offering. It was a 3-week program with personal training sessions and nutrition classes. The first time I saw a model of a 5 pound piece of fat I couldn't believe how bad it looked and it made sense that Katherina, is teaching me the importance of good nutrition and her encouragement to lose the extra weight. She always tells me to eat more fiber and to drink more water. The first time that I exercise I was very sore the next day but after a while, I got used to it and wanted to do more and more.

It is June now and Katherina is still my personal trainer. She is helping me to reach my goal. What is my goal? To feel happy with me! I have already lost 30 pounds by reading every label in the grocery store, choose good fats over bad fats, eating healthy snacks, and making better choices when I eat out.

Do you know that I never took my shirt off at the pool because I was embarrassed about my size? And, even though I still have a little way to go, I am very proud of myself because now I'm almost there.

I am very glad that I found Katherina to help me. She has helped me learn to eat healthy, exercise, and be self-confident. She is not only my trainer, but she is my friend, too. I thank her for helping me change my lifestyle.

By the way, you can now find me at the pool without my shirt on!


~ Jon Ledbetter​

My Success Story

My name is Ruth Lowell Dent, but most call me Ruthie. I am 27 years old and the mother of a big bouncing two-year boy. In October 2007, I was diagnosed with Arthritis. Before I knew it I went from a healthy busy working mom to near disabled. Everything hurt.  My knees were swollen, all my joints hurt, and my muscles were very tight. I could barely get out of bed in the morning let alone keep up with my family. I was heartbroken with a broken body.

Then I met Katherina. Her positive attitude gave me the strength to get going and fight the pain and stiffness one day at a time. I started training with her three times a week and have been for almost a year now. Little by little I got stronger, the pain started to dissipate. Before I knew it I was bouncing right along with my little boy again. Although arthritis will never go away, I have learned the value of exercise, good nutrition, and strength training. Keeping the muscles strong also keeps the joints strong which eventually keeps the whole body strong. Arthritis has become a part of my life but so has exercise and balanced nutrition.

Thank you Katherina for all your patience, love, and support. Because of you, I am my new self, (65 lbs thinner I might add)." 


~ Ruthie Lowell Dent

We Have A New Life

My husband and I started training with Katherina Colston, in 2005 and by 2007 I had lost 45 pounds and my body fat dropped from 46.5% to 33.5 while my energy increased to the point of going to the gym every day and staying up at night enjoying time with my hubby instead of collapsing in the sofa after work eating cheese and crackers. My husband whose triglycerides were "unaccountable" dropped to normal level after he lost 35 pounds and his body fat went from 31% to 23.2% and his energy skyrocketed! Now we know how to shop for fresh and healthy food and we both enjoy experimenting in the kitchen instead of picking fast food on our way home. Thank you, Katherina, you gave us a new lease on life!


~ Betty Balliew

Lost 4 Pounds of Fat in Three Weeks 

"Katherina, I was so excited last Thursday after weighing--I have removed 4 lbs of fat in three weeks that I've been struggled to lose in one year.  How?  By decreasing my cheese and nut consumption.  As I shared with you, I was probably eating 2 lbs of each per week--seriously.  I now have maybe 4 ounces per week and it is a lower fat cheese.  I have cut out my nut snacks in the afternoons, too. Thank you for waking me up to the saturated fat information.  We need to stay healthy and fit!"

~  Janice Forest

 Lost 78 Pounds in One Year 

"I’ve learned about proper nutrition and the importance of exercise in my life to keep the weight off. I have lost 78 pounds and I found a new me!"


~  Janet Densmore

 Making Exercise a Routine

"I've learned to make exercise a routine in order to fit it into my busy schedule. I am also more conscious of what and how much I eat." 


~ Sue Hunt

 Giving Up Pepsi Resulted in 32 Pounds Loss

'"I gave up drinking a liter of Pepsi a day and resulted in 32 pounds lost in one year without any other changes in my diet or exercise. "

~ Elaine Pass

Lost 13 Pounds in 12 Weeks

"Katherina has supported and motivated me to lose 13 pounds in 12-weeks with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise." 


~ Darlene Dempsey

Reached My 50 Pound Weight Loss Goal

 "Katherina taught me how to eat healthily and exercise properly to reach my goal, 50 pounds weight loss. Her classes gave me the confidence and determination to fight and win the battle of my weight problems. The ongoing support of our one-on-one sessions has helped me to learn and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Because of your encouragement Katherina, I know I will make it! Love ya!"   


~ Edna Padgett  

 Have Learned to Buy Healthy Food
"I've lost 5 pounds (half of my goal weight). I have learned how to buy healthy food at the grocery store, and to eat until I am just full, not stuffed. Katherina gave me all the information that I needed." 


~ Elva Payne

I’ve Lost 14 Pounds in Six Weeks       

"I have learned a lot about nutrition with Katherina’s, Nutrition Workshop. I’ve lost 14 pounds in six weeks, I am drinking more water now and I am very conscious of when and what I eat. I also liked our weekly weigh-in because it made me aware of how quickly we can put on weight." 


~ Julia Crusac

I Have Lost 57 Pounds in Five Months
"I’ve lost 57 pounds in five months with the Healthy & Fit Workshop. I eat good food and continue to lose weight."  


~ Sharron Cook

Katherina’s Classes Have Opened My Eyes
"Katherina’’s classes have opened my eyes to the world of calories and fat grams. I am learning to write down everything that I eat. I know now that changes are not going to happen overnight - I have to change in steps."


~ Debra Leonard

I’ve Lost 10 Pounds in 12 Weeks
" The Healthy & Fit classes were very informative. I've lost 10 pounds in 12 weeks and now I can wear clothes that I have not worn in three years."  


~ Francis Whittemore

I Have a More Positive Attitude

"I have a more positive attitude now and I believe I can live a healthier life."  


~ Brenda Hughes

A Better Understanding About Food

"I have a better understanding about nutrition, what foods are better for me and what foods to avoid." 


~ Tanya McMilleon

 I Have Developed Better Eating Habits 
"I've developed better eating habits, lost 5 pounds and I feel great."  


~ Cheryl Johansen

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