How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

In a statement responding to the JAMA journal report, the Sugar Association said that the 1967 review was published at a time when medical journals did not typically require researchers to disclose funding sources. The New England Journal of Medicine did not begin to require financial disclosures until 1984.. Read more

Do You Need More Protein?

In the age of information, it seems as if everyone has an opinion on just about every subject, and arguably few areas are more heavily contested than nutrition. One search of the Internet is likely to turn up conflicting information-especially when it comes to how much protein you require. Read more

36 Million Practice Yoga in America

More than 36 million people in America practice yoga—an increase of over 16 million since 2012, according to the 2016 Yoga in America Study Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance. Forty-three percent of participants are 30–49 years old, 38% are 50 and up, and 19% are 18–29. Thirty-seven percent have children who also do yoga.... Read more

How to Create a Home Gym on a Tight Budget

Do you have a 6' x 6' space available and $75 to spare? Believe it or not, that's all you need to create a home gym. Learn how you can create your own home gym, along with exercises you can combine for a total-body workout. Read more

Quick, Healthy Dinners

How many times have you found yourself driving home from work with no idea what to make for dinner, so you head to the nearest fast-food joint? Take heart: here are some simple but effective tips that will have you whipping up healthy fare at home in the time it would take to have a pizza delivered to your door. Diane Lofshult, a freelance writer and editor based in Encinitas, California, shares some suggestions from nutrition experts. Read more

The Office Worker's Workout

How can fitness professionals help desk jockeys boost their daily activity levels? Perhaps it’s time to change the message. Instead of focusing on the risks of inactivity—which hasn’t made much headway—maybe we should appeal to career-oriented sensibilities and explain how even 5 minutes of movement can make people more successful at their jobs. This article reviews studies that correlate workplace exercise with job satisfaction, productivity and overall success. It also suggests simple, time-efficient workouts your clients can do at the office. Read more

Forget calorie counting

Math? To plan your dinner? Isn't there a better way? Yes there is: Just take a look at your hand. Use your fist, palm, cupped hand, and thumb to practice calorie control, while avoiding the hassle of counting calories. Check out Precision Nutrition's Calorie Control Guide for Men and Women. Read more

Workout Nutrition, What To Eat & When

One of the most common questions my clients ask is "what do I eat before and after my workouts. Some have diabetes, some are gluten intolerance and some are just carbophobic. Lately, carbohydrates are the bad guys and protein is the king, yet when we exercise our bodies use complex carbohydrates to fuel the muscles and give us the necessary energy to continue our workouts while the protein restore and repair while the water hydrates and replenishes our lost hydration. If you are still puzzled about what to eat before and after your workouts print and stick IDEA'S infogram on your fridge and keep it there until you know by heart what to eat to eat before and after your workouts. Read more her

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