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Yes, You Can Prevent Weight Gain

Over The Holidays!

And YES, You Can Lose Lose 10 Pounds By New Year!

The holidays are a time when family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company — and eat!

Indulgent meals, bountiful buffets, cookie swaps, holiday parties… it’s no surprise that maintaining a healthy weight can present even more challenges during the holidays than throughout the rest of the year. Each year, on average, we tend to gain a small amount of weight (about one to two pounds per year). According to some research, most of that weight is gained over the holiday season.

Does that mean we are destined to see a bigger number when we step on the scale in January? Or can we keep the end-of-year weight gain at bay by following a more natural way of living? Yes, when we are prepared to learn not only to prevent the extra weight gain during this holiday but also the next one, and do it again in spring and then on the next holidays until it becomes a habit, and you know how hard habits are to break! 

The Nutrition

The nutrition includes lots of healthy fats like oily fish and avocados that flood your body with antioxidants and phytochemicals. 

These foods are easily digested and great for your heart and cholesterol levels.

You will learn that snacking on fruit and nuts will boost your mineral and vitamin intake and drinking lots of water will flush out your system.

And by following the lower-fat, lower-calorie meal plans for four weeks you will become healthier, lose weight and learn the basic nutritional strategies to follow for the rest of your life!

The Exercise

For the next four weeks, you will have free membership at Firehouse Gym and access to all the group fitness classes to further accelerate your fitness and weight loss. You will also receive two one-hour personal training sessions a week at Firehouse Gym with unlimited access to Firehouse Gym and support.

The Assessment


You will receive two BodyStat Assessments to measure your body fat, lean muscle, and hydration, and have your measurements taken twice. Both assessments will be taken in the beginning and end of the program.

The goal of this program is to educate and motivate you to stay healthy and not gain weight during the most fattening season of the year! And to make you think about exercise and nutrition as a lifestyle and not a quick fix.

The Goal of This Program

The Only Future That You Can Predict
Is The One That You Create!

4-Week Holiday Weight Gain Prevention $275​

Sign-up before November 15th and pay Only $250

Program Ends on December 31st, 2022

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