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"I have a more positive attitude now

and I believe I can live a healthier life."  

"I've developed better eating habits,

lost 5 pounds and I feel great."  

"I've lost 45 pounds and my body fat dropped from 46.5% to 33.5"

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Strength Training Reduces Heart Fat


Fit News Newsletter is packed with the latest scientific information on health, fitness and weight management for women. 

"I've learned to make exercise a

routine in order to fit it into my busy schedule

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SilverSneakers Calhoun GA

SilverSneakers Calhoun GA, classes will keep you younger, stronger and more energetic. Join us today and have a blast with your First Class Free!

Senior Living 2016

 Calhoun Times

Silver Sneakers classes provide local senior citizens the opportunity to stay fit with friends and upbeat music to create a vibrant exercising environment at Firehouse Gym, in Calhoun GA. 

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